Prime: Metroid Reimagined is a nostalgia-infused visual tribute album celebrating the 20th anniversary of Metroid Prime. Revisit six artfully reimagined locations with compelling acoustic performances and animated diorama videos created by an international team of video game musicians, artists, and designers.

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Prime transposes the classic themes of Kenji Yamamoto's beloved Metroid Prime soundtrack into an intimate acoustic ensemble grounded firmly in the natural world. Live performances ranging from grooving guitar rhythms, soaring vocal harmonies, enchanting piano serenades, and evocative viola solos will transport you back to the immersive world of Tallon IV.

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Each video features the stunning artwork of Mona Finden, visual design by Jess Bruels, and animation by Zack Fenelon. Toss on your raincoat and oversized shoulder pads as you traverse the lush overgrowth and light rains of Tallon Overworld in “Space Jump,” delve into the heart-pounding, magma-infested maw of Magmoor Caverns in “Varia Suit,” and shred the half-pipes and crystalline cascades of Phendrana Drifts in “Boost Ball.”


  • All music composed, arranged, and produced by Outset Initiative
  • Vocal composition by Joshua Du Chene

  • Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Irish Bouzouki performed by Joshua Du Chene
  • Vocals performed by Joshua Du Chene
  • Piano performed by Ryan Ike
  • Marimba performed by Doug Perry
  • Viola performed by Andrew Steffen
  • Shakers, Tambourine, Hi-hat, and Cabasa performed by Doug Perry

  • Mixing and Mastering by Forrester Savell

  • Album artwork and illustrations by Mona Finden
  • Art direction by Zack Fenelon
  • Video animation by Zack Fenelon
  • Visual design and typography by Jess Bruels

  • A special thank you to Zack and my two favorite #1 fans for staying with me when the going got tough, JDC for helping make this album PPREFACTT, Akash Thakkar for always being a hero, Larry Oji and the folks at OC Remix for helping promote the album, and Chris Davidson at GameChops for your support. Thank you to all the wonderful performers and artists who took this dream and turned it into something more special than I could have ever imagined. And a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported this album with your kindness and positivity—it means the world. ❤️